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Yu and her friends went out to drink and were constantly complaining about her husband when suddenly the table next to them started talking about the movie she was watching. So the four people got to know each other. These two young men are both students, in particular, Yu feels that he is very compatible with Yuzuru. Maybe because he was drunk, Yu went back to Yuzuru's house to continue drinking. Seeing that it was late, Yu was about to return but Yuzuru held her back and took the initiative to kiss her, Yu did not refuse. From then on, the two gradually had feelings for each other. Yuzuru gave her the key to his house, and Yu often came to clean, cook, and take care of him. The two lived as a couple, except that Yu couldn't stay the night with him. While Yu wanted to go further, Yuzuru moved house and had to return to his hometown to help his father's business. Some time later, Yu met a new person, this boy also gave her the house key.

JUQ-088 The student was lucky enough to find an emotionally needy neighbor's wife
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